1. Where do you ship from ?

We sell made in Türkiye products, we are in contact with them, we buy from their warehouse, we send from Türkiye via Express Shipping.

2. I live in South Africa, do you ship to South Africa ?

Yes, our logistic partner is DHL Express, we ship to South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, anywhere in the world that DHL operates.

3. How much shipping cost ? How long is the delivery ?

We use DHL Express shipping, its free within Europe destinations, and 9,90 EUR to rest of the world . From order to dispatch it takes 2-3 days to prepare order ( invoices, domestic logistic etc ) then it takes 1-2 days to Europe and 7-10 days to rest of the world thanks to DHL’s fast solutions

4. How to pay ?

We accept major VISA / MASTER debit or credit cards that supports 3dSecure confirmation. We provide 100% safe, secure payment solution provided by PAYU, worlds one of the lead payment processor. We do not process or store payment data in our system.  Due to 3Dsecure confirmation during checkout, payment processing may take 10-30 seconds, it is normal, please do not close the page.

5. How can we trust you ?

We are operating since 2019 and our aim is to provide best service and sell our large selection of shoes from Türkiye to world. We are serious at what we do so we can work with major companies like DHL and PAYU to provide best service. If you need more info, our DHL customer membership shipper id is  Turkiye  310365415, call your local DHL customer service and ask.


Last updated: 20.07.2022